Be smart about the dangers crawling around your home

You can benefit from our knowledge about bugs and vermin. At B&M Pest Control, we believe learning how critters function is your best defense.

Some insects may just be annoying while others can be dangerous due to allergies or a poisonous state. Learn how they get into your home and how we can get them out for you. Prevent any problems before they start. Put an end to recurring problems.

Your key to comfort is intelligent prevention and maintenance

  • Prevention services
  • End current infestations
  • Seasonal Pest removal

Knowledge is power in the pest world

To find a complete library about common household pests, please visit:  Learn fun things such as the fact that soil-based termites and Brown Recluse spiders are some of the most common infestations in central Missouri. We are experts in preventing any of these or other bug invasions.

Keep your family and pets safe from dangerous bugs and vermon. Call 660-429-1433.

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